Monday, 7 October 2013

What Can I Eat on the FODMAP Diet? Best FODMAP Diet Plan Web Sites

There are loads of FODMAP diet plan websites and FODMAP diet food lists around the internet. It's increasingly easy to find recipes, tips and advice on what you can eat and cook on the FODMAP diet plan. However, not all sites are as accurate of as helpful as others, so here are my favourites that will help you whether you are brand new to the FODMAP plan or have been following it for a while.

The Principles of the FODMAP Diet 
The Monash University - this site is a great source of basic information on how the low FODMAP plan works by one of the teams of researchers who helped develop it. They also provide apps and run research studies which are often recruiting people with IBS to help them test the diet. There is a good basic list of low FODMAP foods available here too.

Shepherd Works - Sue Shepherd was one of the authors of the original research papers on the low FODMAP diet plan. Her site offers paid-for resources and consultations for people living in Australia. 

WebMD - not a FODMAP specific site, but there is an excellent discussion about the pros and cons of FODMAP and restricted diets for those with IBS.

Arizona University - the best printable fact sheet and FODMAP food list out there for those starting out

Living with the FODMAP Diet Plan
Cassandra Forsythe - one of the first to blog about the FODMAP diet, Cassandra's site is a goldmine of useful information, tips and recipes about the diet - the FODMAP diet is well-established in Australia (where it originated) and Taste.come has a great selection of FODMAP friendly recipes for every occassion

The Intolerant Gourmet - Pippa Kendrick writes beautiful recipes for those avoiding various allergens. Her site isn't designed for those on the low FODMAPs diet plan but there are plenty of great ideas here and recipes that are easily adapted.

I hope these are helpful to you and do add a comment below if you have a favourite you'd like to share.

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